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Press release writing: It’s all about seizing the day

by | Copywriting, Press Releases

On Wednesday lunchtime this week I was talking to an accountant friend of mine. It being the day of the Europa League Final, and him being a season-ticket holding staunch fan of Liverpool FC, he had something a bit special planned for that night’s game.

A small group of friends and clients were being invited to watch Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side take on Spanish holders Sevilla on a big screen in the office, which was being turned into a mini-stadium with artificial grass, tiered seats, a smoke machine. There was even going to be pizza from local pizzeria Andre’s and a decent supply of beer and real ale.

The Reds failed to deliver on their side of the bargain – squandering a half-time 1-0 lead courtesy of mercurial frontman Daniel Sturridge to lose 3-1 – but by the time the match started the accountant friend of mine was already chuffed to bits after a story about his office-cum-stadium had appeared on the Liverpool ECHO website, generating 78 social media shares from the ECHO’s site alone.

A story about a local accountant turning their office into a place to watch a football match is never going to win any Pulitzer prizes but it’s a fun, entertaining and crucially LOCAL story which is very much of its moment. A day later and it almost certainly wouldn’t have made the ECHO site.

My point is this: when it comes to generating publicity for your business, it’s all about seizing the day. Wait around and chances are the time will pass and your opportunity will have gone.


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