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Christ’s Passion for Wirral

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It strikes me that Passion events, essentially live action re-enactments of the Easter story, have become more and more popular over the past few years – and for good reason, too.

Perhaps it was the 2006 Manchester Passion, with its starry cast (Keith Allen, Tim Booth of James and Happy Mondays’ Bez) and use of modern music (Oasis, The Smiths, New Order) that lit the blue touch-paper. Being televised live on the BBC must have helped, too.

Perhaps that just made me notice them more but, whatever, there’s a reason they’re so popular: Nothing transmits the reality of a tale better than having it played out in front of you by real live people.

A Passion Event in the heart of Wirral

Wirral is going to get its own Passion event this year (Easter 2018).

A team of hardworking volunteers are currently meeting on a regular basis and pulling out all the stops to ensure that the four-day event (there’s details on the Passion’s Facebook page here) is a magnificent festival worthy of Wirral and its people.

The Voice choir,  Wirral Youth For Christ, and Wirral Churches Together are taking part already but the organisers are keen for individuals and businesses to get involved in whichever way they can.

They can be contacted via email (, via their website ( or through their Facebook page (@WirralPassionPlay).