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How do I get more people to read my LinkedIn posts?

“Why are my LinkedIn posts not getting views?”

That is a question that a lot of business owners ask.

No-one wants to post on LinkedIn only for precisely four people to read their post or comment on it.

There’s no magic formula, but reading this blog will help.

There are several ways to get more people to read our LinkedIn posts.

To illustrate one of them, I’m going to use a post I wrote a while ago on LinkedIn. Here goes.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

I could tell you straightaway, but then you wouldn’t have to click on the “read more” button at the end of this line, so I’m not going to tell you until the next paragraph.

The answer is: Anyone can roast beef. But no-one can pea soup.

That’s the last joke in this post, honest. You don’t have to worry about me asking you “what do you call security guards outside a Samsung shop?” and answering “Guardians of the Galaxy”. There’ll be none of that.

What makes a successful LinkedIn post?

Let’s go back to my third paragraph.

Did you know that persuading people to click on the “Read more” bit on your LinkedIn posts is extraordinarily important?

It is.

Every time someone does that, LinkedIn’s too-clever-by-half algorithm “thinks” “ooh, people are interested in that post. I’d better show it to more people.”

So that’s what it does.

Then more people see your opening lines, and more people click on the “Read more” link and the whole thing begins again.

If more people see your posts, more people know who you are. Which means that more people will know what you do. Which makes it more likely that you will get more business. Which is what it’s all about for most of us.

And yes, when I say “if more people see your posts” I mean even the silly ones. The ones when you ask people if they prefer tea or coffee, or if they remember when Starburst and Snickers were called Opal Fruits and Marathons. Or if they still have an iPod.

Because if more people see those posts, then more people will see your other posts. The ones where you tell them what you do and why you’re so good at it.

And they’ll look at your profile, too. That’s quite important, too.

– Did you know about the importance of the “Read more” bit?

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